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Brought to you by the IDI and Aware, Mind Over Matter is an event that aims to put a spotlight on mental health in the design community. It's a great opportunity for your business to meet some of Ireland’s best design talent.

You can get access to professionally qualified designers from a wide range of disciplines, with knowledge specific to your needs and be satisfied that your fee is going to a great cause.

1 in 10

People are affected by depression in Ireland.

How it works

With 10 locations across Ireland, Mind Over Matter will take place on 2nd November 2017. For a fee of €60 anyone from an established business to a start-up or an entrepreneur can book a consultation hour with a designer. The fee goes straight to Aware, while during the hour you will find innovative solutions and discover new opportunities, while raising money for a great cause in your region.


The map highlights the areas where Mind Over Matter is taking place. See your area & take part.


The amount by which companies – that integrate design thinking into their corporate strategy – outpace industry peers.


Why talk to a designer?

Designers are natural problem solvers who make it their business to be on the pulse of international design practices and thinking. It’s their dedication to innovation and creativity that translates into added value for your business, whether that's through branding, production, user experience or manufacturing.

By embracing design it has been proven time and time again to add value to your business in ways that can end up creating competitive advantage and improving your bottom line.

Get Involved!

Mental Health is an ever-growing problem in Ireland. Aware as an organisation are making great strides to provide support in this area. With that in mind why not sign up to join the IDI and Aware to help establish connections between local designers and business or support by way of sponsorship. See first hand the power of problem solving together through consultation.