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Anne Kelly

AKGraphics is a design consultancy studio based in Carlow. At AKGraphics we are passionate about design. Pure and simple. We put our expertise and inspiration into every design we create to develop the most effective solutions for our clients. We believe great design helps to establish and maintain the correct reputation for each of our clients. In order to do that, we work closely with you to understand your organisation, your mission, your brand and the environment in which you operate. Only then can we produce designs that will engage and inspire your audience.

We work with you, the client. That’s easy to say, but without an appreciation of who you are, what you do, your goals, your history and evolution, how do we get to understand what designs will appeal to your target market? It’s about attention to detail, which also means meeting budgets and time-lines. We are creative but that doesn’t mean we’re not professional.

We apply the same degree of focus, creativity and strategically-driven thinking to every project and we believe that is the single most important reason for our success over the past 23 years. Our growth over the past two decades reflects our clients’ growth. Indeed, we like to think that our work has helped them to grow.

Venue: Carlow - The Visual

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