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Paul Collins

The General Manager of DesignPro Automation – one the largest machine building companies in Ireland. A passionate and innovative leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful management. Extensive knowledge of design, engineering and automation industries, with 20 years of personal experience. Consistent record of producing exceptional growth rates, increasing revenue and improving operational performance within DesignPro over the past 14 years. Extensive project management experience, ensuring project deadlines are met and safeguarding repeat business generation. Identify and exploit new market and industry opportunities, winning large 7 figure contracts by demonstrating impressive knowledge of innovative, forefront technologies and processes. Strong negotiation and sales skills which have built up an blue chip client base of well-known multinational companies. Oversee all stages of a project lifecycle from problem analysis to installation to prototyping to after-sales services such as maintenance. Over 14+ years’ experience in optimizing design functionality and performance of machines to not only meet client expectations but exceed them. Pay particular attention to the team’s job satisfaction and level of dedication thus increasing loyalty and productivity.

Venue: Limerick - Engine

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